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Our Mission

To Recognize, Respect, and PROMOTE

The mission of the Family Law National Legal Leaderboard is to provide a national platform in order to recognize Lawyers and Expert Witnesses/Child Counselors who understand the value of equal visitation in a child's life, and those who have shown a dedicated effort to fight for the best interests of all children.

Help us Spread the Word!

If you would like to participate in helping us spread the word and bring Fathers and/or Non-Custodial Parents around the world back into the children's lives, we have several ways for you to do so, from Volunteering, Internships, and Affiliate Rewards Programs where you can earn money from every Lawyer you refer who becomes part of the program. Simply select your option below and you'll be on your way towards being a supporter of equality for all children!

Volunteer Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Affiliate Rewards Program