Additional Resources

National Children's Rights websites and Organizations who are dedicated to changing the landscape for parents and children.

Fathers for Equal Rights

The Fathers Rights Foundation

National Coalition for Men

Family Law Rights

Kenneth Braswell, Executive Director
Fathers Incorporated

Men's Rights

Terry Brennan, CEO
Leading Women for Shared Parenting (LW4SP)

Expert Law

The National Center for Men

U.S. Family Advocates

Fathers Rights Network

David Clements, Executive Director
House of David, Advocates for Fathers Inc.

David S. DeLugas, Executive Director
National Association of Parents

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, CEO
National Partnership for Community Leaders

Jaemellah Kemp, CEO
It Takes Two, Inc.

Franklyn Malone, CEO
The 100 Fathers, Inc.

Janks Morton
Filmmaker, Advcoate, Activist

Jerrod Mustaf, CEO
Take Charge Program

James Rodriquez, CEO/President
Fathers & Families Coalition of America, Inc.

Joseph Sorge, Writer & Director
Divorce Corp

Dianna Thompson, Editor & Chief of Men's E-News & LW4SP

David Washington, CEO
Fathers Against Injustice & Immoral Recognition (F.A.I.R.)

Greg Abney

Michael D. Herman & Associates