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We are currently seeking to fill our database with the experienced professionals who have the knowledge and power to make a difference in the child visitation landscape as we know it today.

For every Qualified Lawyer and/or Licensed Expert Witness you refer that passes verification and is awarded Membership, you will receive a kickback of their monthly membership dues. To join one of our Affiliate Rewards Programs, please fill out the Affiliate Referral Application in your Main Account page and submit it for review. Upon acceptance into the program, you will be sent an email with a special code that you can use to begin referring every professional you know that you believe would qualify for our program.

Keep in mind we are looking for the best of the best to represent Fathers and/or Non-Custodial Parents across the nation so please be selective when submitting referrals to ensure the parents who are researching for help here get the superior assistance they deserve.

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